Annual Pond Spring Cleanout

Water Feature Spring Cleaning!

As your pond slowly awakens from its winter hibernation, there are a few spring pond cleaning steps that can be taken to make sure your water feature gets off to a good start.

A well maintained, problem free water feature is the goal of every owner. We can get you ready for the season by doing a complete or partial spring cleanout and continue to keep it beautiful forĀ  you throughout the season with our maintenance packages.

Why do I need an Annual Cleanout?

Annual cleanouts are necessary to maintain a clean, clear and healthy water feature. Once cold weather begins during the winter the beneficial bacteria that balances your ecosystem goes dormant and a large amount of muck and waste builds up within the pond bottom and filter. This can cause ammonia spikes which are deadly to fish and also causes large amounts of algae growth as the temperatures warm up in the spring.

Why earlier this year?

As the pond service industry has evolved & gained experience, it has been discovered that cleaning the ponds earlier in the season is by far better for the ecosystem, the fish and the plants. An annual water feature & pond spring cleanouts are scheduled to start March 15th of every year or as weather permits. The sooner you schedule, the faster your cleanout will be completed!

Basic Cleanout

$ 400 Water Features Up To 300 sq/ft
  • Clean biological filter, removing debris from the inside
  • Rinse and clean mechanical and biological filter pads
  • Skim and remove heavy debris from the pond
  • Top off water
  • Clean and reconnect pump for the season
  • Detoxify pond water, making it safe for fish and plants

Deluxe Cleanout

$ 550 Water Features Up To 80 sq/ft
  • Clean biological & Mechanical filters & pads
  • Drain pond & remove fish into aerated 500 gallon holding tank
  • Power wash rocks and gravel
  • Thoroughly rinse pond, removing any residual debris
  • Check lights for proper functionality
  • Clean and reconnect pump for the season
  • Treat water with professional grade treatments
  • Detoxify water, making it safe for the fish and plants
  • Acclimate pond fish back into their environment

Premiere Care Program!

Are you looking to have a maintenance and worry free pond or water feature? We created a program that lets you enjoy your feature without the work, and get some pretty awesome bonus’ as well!

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