Koi & Goldfish
For Sale

So you have or recently built a pond? Add some fish!

Mossbrook Landscape Management has been working with Next Day Koi, who stocks exceptional koi fish for sale that can easily shipped to your pond, all from the comfort of your home!*


Need some direction?
Check out these tips on keeping fish!

1.) How Many Fish?

When searching for koi fish for sale, you should figure to have one inch of fish per 10 gallons of water in a typical water feature. More can be accomplished through better filtration or water quality techniques.

2.) Feeding Your Fish

Overfeeding is super common, don’t do it! Underfeeding is better than overfeeding. When looking for koi fish for sale. keep in mind fish are foragers in nature, and they will happily survive off plants, tadpoles, bugs, ect within a healthy ecosystem pond. Feeding will only become necessary when the fish load becomes greater than the ecosystem can sustain, and  in turn will require greater filtration or water quality techniques.

3.) Winterizing Your Fish

In our North East climate, smaller fish such as goldfish are able sustain depths as little as 18″ and larger fish such as koi 24″. Here are some steps required to prepare them for their winter hibernation; it is important to add a aerator and or heater to the system to prevent toxic gases from building up under a sheet of ice. Just like humans, fish require oxygen and without proper access to it, fatalities are to be expected. We tend to add a both systems together, to act as a fail safe in case the other were to fail.

What are common pond fish?

Koi & Butterfly Koi are some of the most common fish you will see in ecosystem pond. For smaller ponds (less than 500 gallons) you will have a tendency to see more Goldfish & Fancy Goldfish as they put less of a load on the system and can get a larger quantity at once. 

* Mossbrook Landscape Management, LLC is solely an affiliate of Next Day Koi to list koi fish for sale. Any agreement or sale you reach with Next Day Koi is solely between you and Next Day Koi. Mossbrook Landscape Management, LLC has no responsibility for, nor does Mossbrook insure or guarantee in any way the performance of Next Day Koi.

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