How much water is lost to evaporation.

“Why does my water feature keep losing water?”

It’s never a fun thing to find out your koi pond, waterfall, or fountain has a leak. The first thing to do is not panic! Sometimes, it’s simply evaporation so below we put together this simple calculator to help you understand how much of your water is physically disappearing into thin air. 


Okay, now that we have some benchmarks put together it is time to relate this to your pond losses. In the calculation we included two outcomes, sheltered and open ponds. If your pond or water feature is in a shady area or doesn’t get a lot of wind, utilize the SHELTERED range. If its Sunny or windy, use the OPEN range. If it’s anywhere in between or close to either of these ranges, chances are you don’t have a leak. If it does go above this please Contact Us and we can further guide you!

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