Newtown, CT

By Nicole & Kevin Cambell


“Amazing landscaping and creative design! I am so impressed with the high quality work that Jack (the owner) did on my property. He took a drab looking, garden and outdoor space and completely transformed them. He turned my backyard from a space that we avoided because the plants were overgrown, the mulch was sparse, and the water area could not be used because of a defective pump, to a tranquil, welcoming oasis that my entire family now enjoys. The water feature (spill-over bowls) is the signature piece of the backyard and is simply breathtaking, against the colorful, lush backdrop of flowers, plants, and evergreens that Jack designed. My neighbors have stopped by to say how much they love my landscaping and how it has made my property stand out. Strangers have stopped by to ask who does my landscaping, and I have to say with absolute pride that Mossbrook Landscape Management is responsible for this beautiful transformation. Jack finished the project on time, on budget, and completely exceeded my expectations. I am so happy to have found Mossbrook Landscape Management, and cannot wait to see how my garden becomes even more beautiful (if that is even possible) in a couple years!

Nicole and Kevin contacted Mossbrook Landscape Management after receiving one of our postcards. They had recently purchased a home in Fairfield County, CT and were looking to clean up a woody area to the left hand side of their driveway, a garden bed in their backyard and pressure wash their back deck. We promptly came out for a consultation, followed by a 2D landscape design we presented and they loved it!

First Day Walkthrough

Our crew quickly began working on the project, starting with pressure washing the deck as well as removing the existing trees, shrubs and roots to create a clean slate for new plants. Before we finished the work, Nicole and Kevin decided to take up a second phase.

First Phase Completed

The additional work would consist of revamping their front foundation plantings as well as converting an old koi pond they had in their backyard to a fountain.

Second Phase Completed

Spillway Bowl Fountain

Talk about a transformation! Both Nicole and Kevin love their new landscape and we continue to take care of their garden and bed maintenance needs.

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