Fish Food

When To Feed Your Fish This Spring


“When should I start feeding my fish?”

This is a common question we are asked when warmer weather begins to roll in after a long cold winter. Koi & Goldfish alike will remain in hibernation until water temperatures reach approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Though they may not be in hibernation once they reach this point, the pond fish will still be weak and unable to metabolize food like they can during Spring, Summer and a portions of the Fall months. Because of this, companies like Aquascape Inc. have formulated Cold Water Fish Food for your Goldfish or Koi Pond to better allow healthy digestion and to jump start their metabolism. 

Cold Water Fish Food should be fed to your Goldfish and Koi when water temperatures are between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperature surpass 60 degrees, you can switch back to normal food.

While feeding, start off with small amounts and gradually increase their feeding to the amount they can actually finish. Never allow excess food to lay in the pond as it can lead to excessive nutrient loads, followed by additional maintenance needs.

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